Liniar’s trading company, HL Plastics, has been a leading name in the uPVC extrusions industry since 1974 and Liniar is one of the largest and the fastest growing brands in the UK. Window Supply Company is the only manufacturer of the Liniar range of windows and doors in Scotland.

Having manufactured some of the older window profiles, we were aware of their limitations. We were looking for an innovative system which not only looked great but would perform even better. It had to be easy to fabricate and easy to fit. It also had to be fit and forget – nobody wants to go back to their installations. Between the innovations in profile and our choice of partnering hardware, we believe we have the perfect combination.

Liniar offers outstanding performance with 8mm cover on tilt and turns and doors. A rated windows as standard and A+ and A++ are also easily achievable. Our standard reversible window has a U-value of only 1.3.

Yes. The Liniar profile has been engineered to require less steel due to its multi chamber construction. As with all older sytems, steel is only required in certain situations and over certain sizes. Liniar has been engineered to extend these situations and sizes in order to conserve energy. The more steel in a window the less thermally efficient it is as steel is a very good conductor of cold as well as heat. We do offer full steel as an option but the windows will be less thermally efficient.

The multi chamber profile creates convection currents within each compartment of the window which dramatically reduces the heat transference between the outer face and the inner face of the window. Other optional features such as the flipper gasket which seals against the sealed unit and the thermal dam which creates a multi chamber at the perimeter of the window also add to the thermal efficiency.

Yes. Window Supply Company manufactures in-house and distributes through our own trade counters. Therefore, we have one set of overheads which covers manufacturing and distribution.

No. Unlike many trade supply manufacturing companies,  we do not compete with our own customers.

Yes. For customers collecting their orders from one of our trade counters we offer the opportunity to use our skips for dropping off the removed windows which are being replaced by our windows.

Yes. Subject to credit checks, Window Supply Company can offer 7 day, 14 day or 30 day accounts.