At it's heart, Kubu® is a range of smart sensors that monitor window and door locks in real-time, but in reality, Kubu® is much more than that.

Kubu® adds a whole host of smart features to windows and doors, creating a full perimeter security system, all without compromising the security of a tried-and-tested key. Designed to fit seamlessly into doors and windows, once fitted you wouldn't even know it is there. Kubu® sensors are completely concealed.

Kubu® allows you to offer your customers a simple, affordable and smart upgrade to their purchase, giving you a point of difference over your competitors and helping you WIN the sale. As standard all our windows and doors work with Kubu Smart Security sensors.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

No matter where your customers are, they can always check that their windows and doors are locked up tight; receive an alert before they get to the end of the road if they've forgotten to lock the door. They can even integrate Kubu® into their Smart Home: Turn lights on when at home; turn heating off when leaving; receive an alert if the weather's due to turn, so windows can be closed. The possibilities are endless.

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Smart Sensors

- See at a glance if doors and windows are: Locke
- Any door. Any window. Any Handle. Anywhere!
- Completely concealed
- Calibration FREE
- Tamper detection built in

Smart Notifications

- SureSecureTM geofence alerts
- Scheduled notifications
- Share with family
- Lifestyle enhancement alerts
- Under-attack alerts

Smart Control

- Fully smart-home integrated
- Works with most major smart-tech brands
- Activate automations with the turn of a key, or by opening a window.

Smart Benefits

- 10-Year mechanical warranty
- Smart Security Guarantee worth £2000!
- Get a reduction on home insurance premium from Locket Smart Insurance.

Benefits of Fitting Kubu

No Additional Work - By fitting doors and windows that ‘Work with Kubu®’ there is no additional work at the point of installation for installers

• Fit it. Forget it. – Kubu sensors are completely concealed, so do not alter the appearance of your customers new products. It is also calibration free, so it just works.

• Tried and Trusted – Kubu has been live in consumers’ homes for over 3 years. The platform is incredibly stable and is backed by some of the most trusted hardware manufacturers in the UK.

• Zero-Hassle Upsell – Kubu support is the first point of call for your customers, so you can be a smart installer, without the headache of supporting it if there’s an issue.

• Future-Proof Homes – Consumers are starting to demand smart tech to monitor their Smart homes. With Kubu you can cover their requirements, and make sure you are not left behind.

• WIN more sales! – Whether you are selling a single door, or a whole house fit out, Kubu is a differentiator that will help you stand out from your competition.